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Monday, June 20, 2011

Switching things up

David and I both love to cook and we adore having a kitchen where we can comfortably cook together now. The problem is we sometimes get stuck in the rut of cooking the same dishes over and over again. In an attempt to switch things up, we decided to very simply make a Monday-Saturday loose menu so we can start planning meals a little earlier. Here's the breakdown:
Mondays are going to be vegan/raw. Tonight I am making raw zucchini pasta with walnut pesto.
Tuesdays  are going to be a mix of what's seasonal, combined with American dishes.
Wednesdays we are going to experiment with making a different ethnic dish each week. Last week David made Indian food and I'm so happy we're starting to attempt more exotic ethnic dishes at home, rather than just go out for dinner. Thursdays we will incorporate seafood. When we moved to Oregon I began eating seafood again since it so regional and fresh. Friday is our homemade pizza night. David's gotten really good at making dough and we love making different varieties of pizzas. Last friday he made a WONDERFUL mexican pizza with blackbeans, tomatoes and lots of yummy cilantro. Saturdays are going to be our special dinner nights. David will be splurging on some sort of meat and I'll either be having some sort of yummy substitute: seitan, tempeh, or maybe even seafood. Sundays we will either be using up leftovers from the week, or maybe making one of my big pots of homemade soup. I love making a big pot of cabbage soup, spanish garlic soup, or potato soup and having leftovers for the week. I am really excited to structure our meals more. I think it will be so much easier to plan now at the farmers markets and grocery stores, AND it will be a good way for us to add more variety. How do you like to plan your weeks meals?

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