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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

comme-ci, comme-ça, pretty much

i love new york... but lots of the same things i love love love about new york... i don't love so much. i love the people and the size and the culture and the craziness and the neighborhoods, and and and....

i don't love not being able to get to see those people and places and things as easily as i wish i could. you know what i mean? like sometimes it takes hours to get from one neighborhood to another and a train could be down or a bus just decides to stop or it's freakishly hot and the concrete emanates more heat and then you just want to lie in your bathtub in cold water.... but you probably don't have a bathtub because your bathrooms too small for a bathtub and then if you do have a bathtub you share it with four roommates...

sound familiar?

i do miss things about new york... especially friends and culture. but most days it still feels a little 'meh to me. i'm happy to be in portland but mannnn do i wanna meet some more folks and man do i hope there is more culture than what i see so far.

anyways, it's pretty lovely to be here with my best friend and husband in a rad apartment that we love... where i can take a bath if i want.

and when i think of nyc, i still think for now we've made the right decision. 

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